About Falling

Falling while riding in sand is inevitable. With enough practice you too can become an accomplished soil sampler.

Here’s one of our yahoo’s in action. He had reached a blocked off 2T and attempted a standard turn around. Unfortunately (or fortunately for your viewing pleasure) the sand was a bit too soft and when the front popped off the sod it just plowed and stuck. Since the back tire was still higher up on the short ledge of sod there was just air under the riders right boot rather than the hoped-for firm footing. Obviously a more competent rider would have yanked on the bars and twisted the grip, but not this dude. Some folks simply exist to serve as a lesson for others.

The best part is the bike doesn’t stall, stays in gear (no autoclutch) and the rider is able to recover and escape the scene before anyone sees him. If nobody sees it, it never happened, right? 30 Seconds. Flash v8 Video, 2MB

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