Atlanta Trail Report

GLDS Maintains Trails in the Atlanta area. In the winter, we are the grant sponsor for snowmobile trails 4, 9, 492, 494 and 496 which are the trails south of Atlanta to near Avery Lake road, north to the Elbo Inn and east to the parking lot near Hillman. In the summer, we regularly grade the ORV Routes that are also shared snowmobile trails in the same area as well as the Indian River ORV Route as part of our grant with the ORV Program.

Our trail report is no longer located on the MISORVA web site. Our club, like other clubs, disagrees with the current divisive path they have chosen and we can no longer support them. If you want to help motorized recreation, we request you support local clubs by joining or donating to those local clubs.

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Snowmobile Trail Report:


No snow, been warm and sunny. Saw a couple motels on our way up that had full parking lots of SxS, so great to see tourism dollars keeping the locals going even without snow this winter. We continue to work with both programs to keep the trails safe and enjoyable as best we can.

Our new Dubie Groomer Drag arrived and is ready to go. Bummer it will be sitting until next winter.


Our area received 3-6″ of snow mid-week which was on top of bare dirt. We’ve been out and panned about half of the system. Forecast does not look conducive for sledding, but they’ve been wrong before. If this was Dec 1, we’d pan the whole system to build as much base as possible. With barely 4 weeks of season left to “build base” and then groom, we’re skeptical, especially with 40’s and rain in the 10 day look ahead.


Snow is pretty much gone. We were out fixing a few signs on the 28th and trails were poor. Did see a few sleds out, presume they were rentals since it was snow/mud/snow on the trails. Weather has been very spring like with more rain and above-freezing temps for the most part. Current 10 day forecast has upper 40s and 1/2″ of rain coming just in time for the free snowmobile weekend (Feb 9-11). Will update when conditions change.


No new snow, but we have been out grooming every day for the last four days. It’s obvious we are one of the few spots in the State where snow is by the level of traffic out there. Trails are in good to very good shape with some thin and snirty sections. Watch for rocks, ride right, slow down, watch for the groomer and have some fun while you are out there.


We’ve completed another full pass on our system and trails are in good to great shape, for just two snow storms. Lots of traffic. Holiday weekend and first rideable snow, not surprising to see all the sleds. Base on the trail is thin in spots, watch for rocks! The forecasted cold temps should help hold the trail for this week, BUT, a week from today is supposed to see upper thirties and rain. Will see if they change their mind to make it snow. Remember our groomer takes up the WHOLE trail, ride like you expect to meet us on the next blind corner.


More than a foot of snow came down with Friday’s storm, adding to the base we started making several days before. Entire system has been cleared and groomed and is in great shape. Lots of sleds out, please remember to slow down, ride right and watch for the groomer as we are out there day and night.


We have about 8” of snow, big wet and heavy. The kind that bows all of the trees down across the trail. Luckily most stand back up once we shake the snow off them and not many need cut. We’ve run through and cleared and groomed all of our trails. Conditions are early season and range from great to bleh. Bunch of snow forecast for this weekend and we will be out to make the trails as good as we can make them.

This was the first run of the season, there has been no snow prior to Wed. Really happy with our summer grading that we’ve done under the ORV Program as our trail base is in substantially better shape.

There’s a trail in there somewhere


No snow since Nov. We’ve taken delivery on the 2013 New Holland tractor, now patiently waiting for our new Dubie drag. The Deere 7520 is chained up, tuned up and ready to start grooming when winter arrives….


Trails open on December first. They are in great shape from the hundreds of hours of grading we’ve done through the year. Signs are up, brush is trimmed and the DNR has inspected and passed our trails. There was enough snow to pan on 11/27, however we can not do so until 12/1 and the forecast tells us it should all be melted by then anyway. Longer range forecast is teasing us with cold and snow during the week and we hope to be able to get our trail base started then.

There are 6 private property owners that allow the snowmobile trail to connect through town. 3 of those parcels changed ownership this year and the new landowners have allowed the trail to remain this season, though one section indicates we should plan for alternates next year.

Our Club is looking forward to receiving our new (used) tractor and new grooming drag this season so that we have two winter grooming rigs. The Snowmobile Program provides the equipment, which for us is currently an 2007 John Deere 7520 MFWD tractor running front and rear duals with chains, with similar vintage drag built by Dubie Groomers before they were Dubie Groomers. The “new” tractor is an 2013 New Holland T7.210 MFWD currently running on Soucy tracks and will be pulling a brand new Dubie Groomer drag.