Other stuff on the web you should know about..

We are a chartered Recreational Club through the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and hold Dual Sport events under their sanctioned event structure. The AMA is a national organization committed to Rights, Riding and Racing.

The Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is a great national organization committed to land access issues, basically ensuring that our public lands remain open to our chosen forms of recreation. Highly recommended.

Midwest Motorcyclist is a GLDS supporter. Great reading, well recommended.

Peacock Limited has helped GLDS put on quality events. They have a wide range of powersports from new machines to parts and cover many brands.

Sicass Racing has been a major sponsor of many of our events. They have high quality products for most off-road bikes and really trick stuff to make your bike street legal and butt comfortable.

Enduro Engineering provides the route sheet holders we offer at the rides. They have other neat stuff too.

Garmin makes the GPS units most of us use.

RAM makes the mounting system that holds the GPS to the bikes for many of us.

GPSCity has both Garmin and RAM mounts (nice starting point for an idea of prices too).

VVMapping produces most all of the maps for GLDS’s functions. They have GPS maps for Michigan including ORV and Snowmobile trails. They also have detailed ORV Trail maps available for free download in their online ORV Trail Guide.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is charged with managing our public lands in Michigan. We work with them for trails, trail maintenance, event permits and so on. They have trail maps for most of our trail systems available for free download.

The links page is only for those organizations that directly support our organization or provide the tools we use. For example, some provide prizes and similar donations for our events; some sponsor meals at our events; others offer steep discounts to our members. If that is something your organization would like to discuss further, we’d love to hear from you.