GLDS takes on Snowmobile Trails

For the 22-23 snowmobile season, GLDS has signed up as a grant sponsor with the Snowmobile Program. We are now maintaining ~65 miles of snowmobile trail in the Atlanta area.

Canada Creek Ranch Snowmobile Club had been the grant sponsor for this system for many years and this year, they opted to step away from the program. Our thanks to them for all those years of hard work put forth by their organization.

Duties for our Club include brushing and signing, like we do on the ORV Program and also Grooming, also very similar to what we do on the ORV Trail side. Of course, the scale is a bit different running a full size tractor and drag versus our 50″ gear on the grooming side, plus the increased frequency of snow grooming.

It’s also nice to be able to brush and sign from a pickup compared to hauling everything on the quad or bike. If one is foolish enough, some tasks can even be done at night by light of the truck.

Grooming the full system covers 82 miles and generally takes 12 hours of seat time.

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