Da Yoopers Weekend

Da Yooper’s Weekend By John Bunker, December 2005 As most stories start at the beginning, this one starts about 1969, when my brother and I got our first motorcycles. We were 14 years old and thought of nothing but them. … Continue reading

Kentucky DS Ride

Kentucky DS Ride by Terry Nestrick I have composed a ride report for a Williamsburg, KY DS ride completed 28 to 30DEC06 by Terry Nestrick [Toxic], Dan Djokovic [Indy] and Neal O’Brien [2big4akdx] … we basically rode a variety of … Continue reading

Tennessee 2008

Tellico Plains Club Ride #1, March, 2008 Not only did we ride them there trails, we took pictures as well.   The Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee has two designated horse/hike/Motorcycle trails. Trail 81 and Trail 82. These are not … Continue reading

About Falling

Falling while riding in sand is inevitable. With enough practice you too can become an accomplished soil sampler. Here’s one of our yahoo’s in action. He had reached a blocked off 2T and attempted a standard turn around. Unfortunately (or … Continue reading