About Tech Inspection

Let’s make it real simple – Our riding, our places to ride, our events – they are all a privilege that is constantly under threat to be curtailed. We absolutely must strive to be as quiet, as polite, as low-impact and as legal as possible.

Our events have a technical inspection to ensure the bikes meet a minimum set of standards. Riders must wear a helmet when riding their bikes, including up to tech inspection.

1. Sound. Bikes must not be louder than the Michigan off-road limit of 94db. This is checked & tested at the technical inspection. We do turn away loud bikes.

2. USFS approved spark arrestor. Checked for during the sound test.

3. Michigan DNR Off-Road Vehicle license (ORV Sticker).

4. License plate securely fastened to the rear of the bike, clearly visible.

5. Working head, tail and brake lights.

6 Remaining items that are required to be street legal in Michigan:

  • Hi/Lo Headlight
  • Horn
  • DOT approved tires.
  • Mirror (mirror on helmet OK)

The bike must be properly registered and insured according to the laws in the state where it is registered.

No racing numbers! Dual Sport events are not races and we do not want the public thinking our Riders are in some sort of competition. Removal or covering of any rider numbers on your bike is strongly encouraged!

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