Da Yoopers Weekend

Da Yooper’s Weekend By John Bunker, December 2005 As most stories start at the beginning, this one starts about 1969, when my brother and I got our first motorcycles. We were 14 years old and thought of nothing but them. … Continue reading

Kentucky DS Ride

Kentucky DS Ride by Terry Nestrick I have composed a ride report for a Williamsburg, KY DS ride completed 28 to 30DEC06 by Terry Nestrick [Toxic], Dan Djokovic [Indy] and Neal O’Brien [2big4akdx] … we basically rode a variety of … Continue reading

Tennessee 2008

Tellico Plains Club Ride #1, March, 2008 Not only did we ride them there trails, we took pictures as well.   The Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee has two designated horse/hike/Motorcycle trails. Trail 81 and Trail 82. These are not … Continue reading